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Energy Monitoring

A portable kWh meter can be fitted to your supply, allowing you to monitor the incoming power supply showing the pattern of demand over an hour, day, week or month. Because our equipment is portable you have the flexibility to use it for measuring the whole installation, specific circuits or individual pieces of equipment without the need to have a fixed sub-metering solution.

Our meters identify where your energy is wasted

The portable kWh meter also displays average and peak demand to enable the calculation of load factor, and through measurement it creates a pattern of usage. This information helps to determine any causes of demand excursions and potential unauthorised consumption.

Phase current imbalance affects energy costs by increasing temperature losses on neutral or phase cables and distribution transformers.

Our Metering helps you make informed business decisions

Poor power factor causes higher currents to flow for the equivalent plant energy conversion compared with unity power factor. Accurate monitoring will help determine if distribution wiring needs to be re-routed or whether departmental or machine level power factor correction would be cost effective. The cost of expanding production or occupancy can be drastically reduced if monitoring proves that the capacity of an existing distribution transformer and cables are accurate.

Our software gives you an accurate and easy to understand analysis of your energy.

Deltrax5 is a powerful data analysis software which allows us to present the data collected by monitoring into simple, clear and precise reports. The analysis can include voltage, ampere, kWh, kW, balancing, time and peak demand data, this data will enable the client to make extremely informed decisions on energy management.

Energy Monitoring services

  • Power Quality Surveys
  • Energy Surveys
  • Power problem troubleshooting
  • Phase Balancing Data and Rectification
  • Multiple recorder on-site Investigations
  • Harmonic and Power Quality Surveys
  • Tailored data recording and analysis services to client requirements.
  • Remote Energy Monitoring Systems.
  • Complete Electrical Testing and Inspection Services